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Bid: Tron Light Cycle on eBay

Imagine pullin’ up to the arcade in this bad boy. A real, driveable Tron Light Cycle. Parker Brothers Choppers, makers of the Batman Batpod cycle replica, have made the custom Pro Street Light Cycle CBR R1 available on eBay starting at $35,000.

  • Custom 22″ x 12″ dual hubless Hoosier wheels
  • Accent colors are neon glowing from behind frosted plexiglass and can be turned off or on with the flip of a switch
  • Each bike will come with either a high powered electric motor or a high performance gasoline motor and transmission depending on the buyers needs
  • Tron-style helmet included

Too bad it doesn’t leave the fatal light trail behind, but wear enough Axe or Drakkar and you’ll have the same effect.

More specs, deets, and pics on the eBay page. (Thanks, Jacob)

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