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Pixar: Matt Damon in Cars 2 Fake Ad

Matt Damon dons a fake moustache in this fun little fake-real car commercial for Cars 2 (via AdFreak). Of course it’s not Stu Stubin‘s car lot located in Emeryville, it’s Pixar. But whether you call the phone number at the end or catch the “secret” interruption, you’ll find the following transmission (no pun intended) …


That jump cut at the end had a heat-vision view of Finn McMissile, the new Cars 2 character voiced by Michael Caine, and a URL. The site redirects to the awesome footage below…


Easter Eggs: TRON Pac-Man and Mickey Mouse

With the new Daft Punk video and soundtrack finally out, along with the final Legacy trailers, there’s not much new to expect before the 17th. So it’s a good time to mine the original Tron to pass the time. Here’s a couple easter eggs you may or may not’ve caught. Yes, they’re both real.

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Pixar: List of “Up” Easter Eggs


SPOILER ALERT If you’re one of the 7 who haven’t see this yet,
go see it fer’chrissakes. It’s magnificent.

SlashFilm has a list of all the fun little references hidden in Pixar’s Up. A lot are super micro in-jokes, but interesting nonetheless. (via Pixar Blog)

Also, SFGate’s The Poop has a neat story-behind-the-story on the Merritt/Oakland bakery Hamburger Cake reference, too. Check it out.

See the complete Wiki list of Pixar film references.