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Geek Out: ASCII Easter Egg on Tron Soundtrack Site

The Tron Soundtrack site just got updated with more detailed info on the soundtrack release and pre-order package.

Here’s a couple Easter Eggs to look for:

  1. Go to TronSoundtrack.com, then click View > Page Source.
    You’ll see the hidden ASCII art pictured above. Much like the hidden demon ASCII done for the Dante’s Inferno campaign, only less satanic.
  2. Enter the main page and type “MISSING” into your keyboard (make sure your speakers are up).

What else did you find?


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10 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    Also type “find”

  2. Mark says:

    Also type “MCP”

  3. Mark says:

    Also noteworthy…

    “daft” will open up a tab/window for Daft Punk’s Electroma video, available in Quicktime.

    “encom” will go to a tab/window the viral website for Encom International.

    “light” will open up a tab/window for a viral game similar to the light cycle game from Tron.

  4. Mark says:

    even more…

    type “user”, “yes”, and “no” for more sound bytes.

    “flynn” opens a tab/window for the main viral webste, flynnlives.com

    “hello” opens a tab/window to log into the Encom servers, part of the viral marketing for Tron.

  5. Mark says:

    last one for me (for now)…

    “version” will open a window/tab for Version Industries, the makers of the website.

  6. andy says:

    derezzed plays a clip of a daft punk song

  7. Diggin’ the Derezzed clip.
    Thanks, everybody!


  8. lizborden says:

    also type “game”
    “tron” takes you to the disney site

  9. trin says:

    its not working for me.

  10. wargry says:

    “yori” sound, “spaceparanoids” game!

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