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iPhone: Inside Apple’s Kid A-like Testing Facility

Located deep in the heart of the Apple campus is the $100 million Infinite Loop Lab. Engadget scored a look inside the former “black lab” and revealed what seems like a pretty-damn thorough testing facility.

KID A-pple
Although the chilly, dark ‘n glitchy goodness of Kid A‘s “Everything in Its Right Place” makes an ironic-enough soundtrack, this Radiohead rarity is even more fitting …

Radiohead “Nobody Does It Better” (Carly Simon)

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Those blue spikes are made of sound- and signal-dampening foam. The room above tests signal strength at any angle by strapping the device to a rotating arm. When Engadget arrived there was an iPad being tested. They asked why and Apple responded “…[we’ve been testing the iPad] for years.” Interesting.

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Testing the iPhone pain threshold in the MacHAL 9000 Iron Maiden. Or something to do with WiFi networks.

• •   • •

The “Stargate” enechoic chamber tests signal strength a full 360° around someone using the device.

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More info and video in the full Engadget article. (via MacRumors)

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