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Sweet: PS22 Chorus Covers Phoenix Lisztomania

Their sincerity is so damn sweet. Just love it. Even better, the PS22 Chorus only took two rehearsals to learn the track. Now those are some pro rockstars. More info here. (via Waxy)

Phoenix “Lisztomania” from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Phoenix “Too Young” from Lost In Translation OST

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Sign Remix: Dog Poop vs. Children At Play

Because the “Slow, Children At Play” sign near the park doesn’t cover dog poop, Wardinger took matters into his own hands and made this sign.

Not quite Passive Aggressive Notes material, but good stuff nonetheless. Check it out.

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Video: Petaluma Pete Does Whiskerino 2009

For kids only!” has been the mantra for all Kids Korner videos. This one’s pretty darn fantastic for adults, too. Well done, Pete!

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Awesome: The Monsterful Art of Elmer Pressley


Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd. If only this thing was for sale. Scott sent me this car on BoingBoing and I had to see more. The artist is Elmer Presslee and he has a bevy of monsterful creations on his site. From paintings to furniture to … sit-in-the-brain kiddie cars.


Monster Stroller.


See the MiniBar and more on Elmer’s site.

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Sweet: PS22 Kids Chorus Covers Phoenix Lisztomania
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Video: Petaluma Pete Does Whiskerino 2009
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