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Art: Record Cover Mix & Match or “Sleeve-Sleeving”

It’s like Extended Cover Art with other covers. Or sleevefacing with other sleeves. I’ll coin it Sleeve-Sleeving! See more at Design Inspiration.

Awesome: Classic Album Cover Art Extended
Video: Vanishing Point Is Abstract LP Cover Trip-Out
Remix: Album Covers Recreated With DC Super Heroes
Video: Journey Through Art History In “70 Million”


MP3: Friday Five 09.11.09

Rock out with the Umlaut every Friday

Technically, the weekend is here. Make it so.

Fool’s Gold “Nadine” from s/t

Tonstartssbandht “Black Country” from An When

Built To Spill “Hindsight” from There Is No Enemy

The Cave Singers “Untitled” from Daytrotter Session (11.26.07)

Woodpigeon + Louise Hull “Say Say Say”
(Michael Jackson + Paul McCartney) from Say Say Say

Rock out with the Umlaut every Friday.


Mashup: Tron 2 Trailer x Michael Jackson Beat It “tr2nit”

In case you’ve re-watched the new Tron Legacy trailer released at Comic-Con way too many times already, you can freshen things up with this mashup. (via DaBitch)

Mashup: Bon Iver x Marvin Gaye “How Sweet Is Emma’s Love”
Remix: Smooth Jazz Metallica and Death Metal Louis Armstrong
Look: New Tron Legacy Trailer, New Daft Punk Remix by Shiryu


Photoshop: Gizmodo’s Insert-Tech-Into-Classic-Album-Covers Contest




UPDATE: Winners posted. Jeff’s and Tyler’s got a nod. Congrats.

Here’s some entries from a couple Friends of The Umlaut for Gizmodo’s new photoshop contest. Good luck to Jeff’s Purple Segway, Tyler’s Bluetooth Thriller & Wii Jam, and Davon’s Ghost In The iMachine.