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A surplus of geekery by :: Fred Abercrombie

Opening Tonight: Samplings From Creativity Explored @ OgilvyWest SF

Don’t miss tonight’s opening for Samplings from Creativity Explored, the third installment of OgilvyWest Gallery Series.

Come early for Lagunitas Hairy EyeballLeffe, and more. Come late for PBR. Seriously. 7×7 picked up the opening so come early.

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Sneak Peek: “Secondhand Love” Gives Old Art New Heart, Sat. Feb 13th

Really cool theme for an art show: Buy thrift store art, then make it your own.

Over a dozen artists will be displaying their (upcycled?) creations. Pieces will be available for purchase. But the show’s one night only, so be there early! Details below.

I snuck pics of a couple pieces this afternoon. Gonna be rad.

• •  • •

Melissa Abercrombie’“The Way To A Man’s Heart … “

• •  • •

And a deceptive little piece from Elaine Elwick Barr of Rock n Roll Crafts.

(Hidden in the trunk is a little surprise)

Come on out!

Secondhand Love
Saturday, February 13, 2010
6:00pm – 9:00pm

Boomerang Gallery @ Heebe Jeebe
46 Kentucky Street, Petaluma, CA

Art Opening: Pics from Timothy McSweeney & Cass Hersey “Heart of the City” at Boomerang Gallery, Petaluma
Gift: Stenciled Tees from Ed Roth’s Stencil 1 and Rock n Roll Crafts
Art Opening: “Artful Distractions” New Work By Jonny Hirschmugl
Grab: Upcycled Beer Bottle Tumblers


Art: Last Mike Giant / Skullz Press Show at 260 Divisadero

Friday was the last Skullz Press opening at the short-lived Divisadero space. Not sure where it’ll pop up next. First, Mike Giant is off to Italy.

A rare shot of Giant with his Pops. Sneak peeks of his upcoming Italy show “Welcome To Frisco” below … See the rest »


Drink: New Craft Beer Bar Opens In Downtown Petaluma, TAPS

Eric of TAPS Petaluma

TAPS in Petaluma opened this weekend and we stopped in to check things out. Technically in “soft opening” phase, the place is looking terrific. Between TAPS, the Lagunitas TapRoom & Beer Sanctuary, and Dempsey’s Brewpub, Petaluma’s become quite the destination for beer geeks. I couldn’t be happier.

This new destination is a group effort from Eric Lafanchi (pictured), his brother, and Eric’s wife Wendy (not only co-owner, but also the driven, determined, secret-ingredient to Taps’ existence). Together they’ve culled a tasty tap and bottle selection for both Geeks and regular Peeps alike, thanks to some expert input by Mario the Brewsario behind Brewed For Thought. And since they happily offer samples of anything tapped it’s a great place to experiment or just knock back a few. Wash it all down with fries and $4 sausages & dogs, and you’re all good.

Glass of Tripel Karmeliet at TAPS Petaluma

First up was this amazingly creamy ‘n biscuity Tripel Karmeliet from Bosteels, in respective glass and coaster no less. Most of their beers are served in corresponding glassware. All others get the curvy, English-style pints, thankfully not the flat shaker pints (which really just bore me). Details, folks.

Inside of TAPS Petaluma Beer Bar

On top of about 30 taps and over a dozen bottles, they’ve got six flatscreens. Count ‘em, six. All will be fired up for the big game(s).

Vintage ad for the Steamer Gold from San Francisco to Petaluma

The guys have been unearthing artifacts hidden in the basement of 1923 landmark Hotel Petaluma. Shown here, a vintage flyer for the Steamer Gold paddle wheel. You could ferry from the wharf at Washington & Jackson in SF all the way up to Lakeville landing in Petaluma for 50 cents. My bus ride costs $8.50. Each way.

Uberhoppy and Lagunitas Hop Stoopid

Get a load of that Umlaut! That’s a bomber of Valley Brewing Überhoppy next to Lagunitas Hop Stoopid.

Hotel Petaluma

TAPS is located around the side of  Hotel Petaluma. Go say hi to the Lafranchi Brothers and find your new favorite beer from Lagunitas, Bear Republic, Dogfish Head, Anderson Valley, Stone, Mad River, Marin Brewing Co, Moylan’s, North Coast, Moonlight, Firestone, Anchor, New Belgium, Avery, Koningshoeven, Abita, Moortgat, Ommegang, and more.

TAPS Petaluma
205 Kentucky Street
Petaluma, CA 94952


Deep Fried Bacon Dog and Anchor Humming Ale at TAPS Petaluma
Lagunitas TapRoom & Beer Sanctuary Now Open


Art Opening: Pics from Timothy McSweeney & Cass Hersey “Heart of the City” at Boomerang Gallery, Petaluma


Anyone near Petaluma should swing up to Boomerang Gallery (inside Heebe Jeebe’s) for new works by the ever-awesome Timothy McSweeney and Cass Hersey. Showing through July 9th.

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Art Opening: “Artful Distractions” New Work By Jonny Hirschmugl

Petaluma Painting and others by Jonny Hirschmugl

Was lucky to catch the Saturday-nite opening of “Artful Distractions” at Boomerang Gallery in Petaluma. Drippy, kinetic, and very promising stuff. Come check it out.

Jonny Hirschmugl and the Singer/Subject
Jonny with the singer/subject of his portrait, Bill. Guess who’s who.


The Jonny Hirschmugl work is further proof of the kick-ass job Drew Washer (of Heebee Jeebee fame) has been doing—giving exposure to young, fresh talent in Petaluma. Keep it up, Drew!

ARTFUL DISTRACTIONS May 30th ’til June 17th
Boomerang Gallery/Heebe Jeebe
46 Kentucky St, Petaluma, CA

Mark Your Calendar: June 4 Firehouse Kustom Rockart Co
Art: Opening Night Pics From Mike Shine’s Surf Shack
Art: Game Over/Continue Opening Pics


Art: Brian Caraway / Mills College MFA Exhibition Opens Saturday


This Saturday @ 7 pm, The Mills College Art Museum will open its ’09 Exhibition Young Americans, featuring works by their 2009 Master of Fine Arts degree recipients.

Brian Caraway, Friend of the Umlaut and one of the eight lucky artists, gave us a peek inside his studio during the final weeks of prep. Days before shaving his time-lapse beard.

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