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Art Opening: Pics from Timothy McSweeney & Cass Hersey “Heart of the City” at Boomerang Gallery, Petaluma


Anyone near Petaluma should swing up to Boomerang Gallery (inside Heebe Jeebe’s) for new works by the ever-awesome Timothy McSweeney and Cass Hersey. Showing through July 9th.

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Portion of crowd around Cass Hersey’s work.

(Timothy McSweeney, silkscreen on wood)

(Timothy McSweeney, silkscreen on wood)

(Cass Hersey, mixed media)

(Cass Hersey)


Fred and Timothy.


Timothy McSweeney

“I’ve been creating serigraph prints on paper, fabric wood
glass, metal and plastic for many years and I am always constantly
learning technically and creatively. With my father being an engineer
and my mother a pre-school teacher this left me with the perfect
disposition to slide right into this quirky medium. There’s something
oddly technical, yet rhythmic about serigraphy that draws me back
constantly. Influences on my work range from unicorns and bunny rabbits
to ancient Haida and Achomawi legends and everything in between.”

Cass Hersey

“My work speaks directly to my interests in type design,
scientific illustration, graffiti, and the natural world. I blame my
artist/designer parents for this, who raised us in the bucolic Marin
County in a house full of what an art theory text would call ‘found
art’. Once I was old enough to drive, I began exploring the rest of the
Bay Area, falling in love with the grittiest parts of San Francisco. As
I settle into adulthood, my work seeks to discuss the relationship
between the intensity of pristine nature and the intensity of the urban
epicenter. Animal imagery, children’s books, and the enthralling lost
art of hand lettering are other obsessions of mine.”

Please join the good peeps of Boomerang in welcoming these exciting young artists into the
Petaluma art scene.

The show runs from June 19th until July 9th.
Artists reception Friday June 19th from 7 until 9 PM.

Boomerang Gallery/Heebejeebe is located at:
46 Kentucky St in Petaluma.

For further information or questions call: (707) 773-3222

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