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Art: Last Mike Giant / Skullz Press Show at 260 Divisadero

Friday was the last Skullz Press opening at the short-lived Divisadero space. Not sure where it’ll pop up next. First, Mike Giant is off to Italy.

A rare shot of Giant with his Pops. Sneak peeks of his upcoming Italy show “Welcome To Frisco” below …

Maybe it’s my Mohawk Indian blood, but I’m a sucker for a good headdress.

Coffee stained “Welcome To Frisco” prints were available for purchase. The Sharpie-on-photo pieces are for the Italy show. They;’re absolutely sick up close. But couldn’t get a better pic. Too sweaty ‘n crowded to focus.

The more Giant‘s Dad said “Smile” the more he didn’t. That’s how it works.

Skullz Press has more pics from the show.

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