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Hack: iVictrola, iGramophone, and CD Phonograph

One of my favorite projects from Blue Ribbon Salvage is the idea of turning vintage Gramophone speakers into hanging lamps. I thought that was an awesomely beautiful way to repurpose these already-gorgeous pieces of musical history. The idea of simply reusing them as an iPhone speaker was always dreamily tossed around, but never acted upon.

Thankfully, designer Matt Richmond pulled through with this hack of an old Victrola phonograph horn, the iVictrola. More pics and info at HEMagazine.


Another take on the iGramophone concept is from Tristan Zimmerman, the ultra-modern, Design Exchange Award-winning Phonofone II. Available for purchase at Charles & Marie.


Not sure if this is playable or just a concept. Rad either way. Designed by Yong Jieyu & Ama Xue Hong Bin, the Phonograph CD Player consists of a disassembled CD player with the laser positioned like a classic needle tracing a wax groove. More info at Engadget.

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