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R.I.V.: Rest In Vinyl, Press Your Ashes Into Vinyl Records

I’ve got your funeral party all planned out: Press your ashes into a vinyl LP, then have the listening party / wake at this funeral home where you can play miniature golf. Well, everyone but you. You’ll be there in spirit. And creepy vinyl.

Spinning In Your Grave

UK service And Vinyly will press your ashes into vinyl records. Seriously.

The Basic Package includes up to 30 discs with 12 minutes on each side of whatever audio you provide; a recording of your voice, your old band, or your favorite songs (they wash their hands of copyright violations).

Plus, you can have your ashes mixed in with acrylics for a cover portrait by James Hague. Extra charge for cemetery gatefold *rim shot*. Thank you, good night.

AndVinyly.com (Thanks, Matthew Abercrombie)

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WTF: Album Tacos

Album Tacos? I expected vinyl LPs warmed and folded like tacos. Maybe filled with shredded album covers. Something you might find at Vinyl Frontier. But instead, it’s the majestically taco-fied reinterpretations you see here.

Much like the contents of a Taco Bell taco, you shouldn’t think too hard about it.

See more at Album Tacos. (Thanks, Rich!)

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