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Make A Wish: Slave Leia Carwash

Damn, SoCal. Not only was there a rad art opening for Thomas Doyle this weekend, there was also a freakin’ carwash full of Slave Princess Leias and a Playmate Padme!

It was all part of a Star Wars Charity benefit by G4TV. Not the first time they’ve dabbled in Leia-xploitation, in 2007 they dressed up Olivia Munn as Slave Leia. This time they used her powers for good instead of evil—the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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OMG: Double Bikini Princess Leias Circa ’82

Two Princess Leias

Lucas had two suns on Tatooine and apparently, two bikinied Leias to soak’em up. Carrie Fisher and her stunt double. No pics of the crazy-ass tanlines. (Thanks, Scott!) via Giz via @Kottke.

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