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Make A Wish: Slave Leia Carwash

Damn, SoCal. Not only was there a rad art opening for Thomas Doyle this weekend, there was also a freakin’ carwash full of Slave Princess Leias and a Playmate Padme!

It was all part of a Star Wars Charity benefit by G4TV. Not the first time they’ve dabbled in Leia-xploitation, in 2007 they dressed up Olivia Munn as Slave Leia. This time they used her powers for good instead of evil—the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


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These aren’t the pics you’re looking for. See more at the CHIVE or at the G4TV gallery. (Thanks, Mike)

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Whoa: Clash Of The Titans Kraken Is Rancor Monster + Sarlacc Love Child
NSFW: Tron-a-Sutra (Tron + Kama Sutra)
Whoa: Indian Pole Gymnastics vs. American Pole Dancing

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  2. Subwoofers says:

    What I wouldn’t give…

  3. i love the last pic its totally cool!

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