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Fear The Jedi Beard: Pics from SF Giants Star Wars Day

Best Giants promo day ever? Did Porkins blow to smithereens? Check out the pics below (of Star Wars Day, not Porkins).

First, to the 42,222 people who asked where I got my Fear The Jedi Beard shirt, find out here.

In the pre-game costume contest, no store-bought Boba Fett and Vader helmets—as cool as they are—came anywhere near this killer homemade AT-AT costume.

All the cardboard isn’t from tow-cable tripped AT-ATs. They’re empties from all the Han Solo x Brian Wilson in Carbonie Statues given away.

This is a great way to keep the sun out of your eyes should you be participating in the Slave Leia Carwash.

There were many bearded Vaders.

All the Giants stat pics were Jedi-ized with a robe and galaxy background (pardon the banding in the photo). Cody Ross scored a very Star WarsSolo Home Run”. Too bad that literally was the solo home run for the Giants. Diamondbacks scored four runs for the win.

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After the game they showed Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back on the big screen. Making up for the fact that the Giants are now officially out of the running for the Series. Wait a second. No, this didn’t make up for that. NOOOOoooooooooo!!!!

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