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Seek Out: Wild Flour Bread Bakery in Freestone

Sweet fancy Moses … this little bakery is so worth the drive from SF. Hell, it’s worth the drive from Chicago.

The sticky buns are what hooked us the first time we stumbled across Wild Flour Bread Bakery. The rest of their brick oven creations are what brought us back.

Hidden just outside of Sebastopol, in between the tiny burgs of Occidental and Bodega, sits an even tinier settlement called Freestone. There’s plenty to explore if you continue up the Bohemian Highway but it’s a worthy excuse for a road trip all by itself—their garden has chickens, goats, and even a pony to say hi to.

The birds are all hand-painted (I thought they were those wall decals). Sweet.

On top of all the eye (and artery) candy, there’s even a kids-sized table and cash register to play with.

The sweet scones go without saying. But I also strongly recommend trying the savory ones … this weekend they had Asiago Oregano Hazelnut scones that forever changed what I expect from a scone (and I expected a lot). So good.

Their menu varies but one thing stays the same: Wild Flour Bread Bakery is only four days a week. So check hours and more info on their official site. You will not be disappointed.

This shows Freestone in relation to Sebastopol &  Petaluma.

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