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Beer: Samuel Smith’s Organic Cherry Ale


My first organic beer. Could I taste the organic-ness?

I was expecting something more carbonated, like some Lambics I’ve had. This was almost flat and a little syrupy. Like someone dropped in a depth charge of Cherry Heering.

As for the taste, Samuel Smith’s Organic Cherry Ale was a vibrant mix of sweet and sour cherries. Juicy cherries. Like when you were a kid and you’d fill your mouth with wild cherry Lifesavers and suck on ‘em till they just liquefy. Very cherry-y.

But did it taste organic-y? The juicy explosion sure tasted like fresh, quality fruit; despite my artificially-flavored point of reference. Plus, it finished with a hint of leather and sweet tobacco. Like, pesticide-free tobacco. So points there. But really, no way to tell.

Samuel Smith makes two other organic ales, raspberry and strawberry. All three are brewed and fermented in Stamford. Then blended/conditioned at Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery in Tadcaster. You can find ‘em at Whole Foods and your fav liquor stores I’m sure.

Not highly recommended. But all beer’s worth trying once. 
Drink up with the Umlaut.

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  1. mikey says:

    if you’re still in the organic mood and want to try something a little lighter, check out the german made Schneider ‘Edelweiss’ Organic Hefeweizen.

    super good and super strong, Toronado in the Lower Haight always has it on tap and serves it up in a fancy glass. i think they sell it at whole foods too.

  2. Frank says:

    I think it is a yummy beer. We serve it at winter events for our events…find our other choices of great beer and food at http://www.familystylecatering.com

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