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Best Duet Ever: Guitarist Shreds Along to Crying Japanese Politician

An epic follow-up to the  Japanese Assemblyman Losing It video. For which I have no words except: thank you, internet. (Cheers, Bill!)

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Japan: Clawful of Boobs
Ugly Cry: Watch Japanese Assemblyman Lose It
WTF: Best Cry Ever plus Slayer, Auto-Tune “Tear Pain”, and iPad Versions
Tripping Balls: Crazy Double Rainbow Guy Autotuned and ICP Theory
Spooky: Miniature Golf in Basement of Ahlgrim’s Funeral Home
SF: Homeless Man Breaks Fourth Wall of iPad Ad (in Ladies Loafers)


Epic: What It’s Really Like To Work In A Music Store

Pt. I |  Pt. II |  Pt. III |  Pt. IV |  Pt. V

True, ear-bleeding reality TV. (Thanks, Wardinger!)

MP3: Rock Out With The Ümlaut
Arcade Fire: Sprawl II and Animated Suburbs Cover
Remix: Album Covers Recreated With DC Super Heroes
Geek Out: Clever Hack Makes Any Song Swing
Remix: Smooth Jazz Metallica, Death Metal Louis Armstrong, and Creed Shreds