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Bee-aarrrr: A Tale of Two Pirate Beers, Piraat and Biere Du Boucanier

Two Pirate Beers: Biere Du Boucanier (Dark) & Piraat

Found two pirate-y Belgian ales from Brewery Van Steenberge at the Petaluma Whole Foods. Will either make my booty list of desert-island beers?

Drink up with the Umlaut…

Biere Du Boucanier (Dark) poured

Biere Du Boucanier Dark, Alc. 9%
Poured dark ruby red. Fizzy head. Finely carbonated mouthfeel. Tastes of dark fruit and sour cherries. Finishes with green apples and candied figs. Yummy. Would be tasty with a good, stanky cheese. [more info]

Piraat Ale poured

Piraat Triple, Alc. 10.5%
A fuller mouthfeel than the Biere Du Boucanier Dark. And a full 1.5% more alcohol. This is what I used to imagine rum tasting like when I’d see the old Errol Flynn swashbucklin’ movies or even in the Disney Pirates ride. Like sweet, boozy nectar. Tastes of peppery honey and malty vanilla. I’ve had this one before and don’t recall it tasting so flat. Still, any lubber worth their frayed cutoffs and striped shirt would enjoy this. Preferably out of a one-finger, grip-of-shame jug. A frou-frou glass like mine will suffice. [more info]

I wouldn’t put them on my booty list of desert-island beers, but I would totally drink them en route. Both are solid, tasty, and worth trying.


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