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InfoMania: The Top 5 Poopy Pop Songs on iTunes

Yes, that’s the dude from We Got That B Roll, Sergio CilliThe White Hot Top Five is a recurring segment on InfoMania on Current TV. Highly recommended.

Though I’ll always love The Soup, it’s not on Hulu. And I don’t always want to track down a torrent. InfoMania satisfies the same need for rapid-fire pop culture tidbits, but broadens the scope from daytime TV to real-life absurdities, like the iTunes Top Five. Watch it, buddy.

Video: Yeah, We Got That B Roll!!
Remix: Radiohead x Jay Leno TV Spot
Daily Show: The Dick Swett Incident
Classic Toons: Tex Avery’s Car Of Tomorrow & Farm Of Tomorrow
AR: Dimension Invader Augmented Reality iPhone Game

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