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Drink: New Roast/Roaster for Firelit Coffee Liqueur Batch 03

The first two batches of Bay Area’s delicious Firelit Coffee Liqueur used a different roast of Blue Bottle Coffee beans for each. It’s part of what made them so distinct (and collectable).  But now they’re mixing things up even further.

Apparently, partnering with different local coffee roasters is all part of the Firelit plan …


Batch 03 uses a new artisan roaster out of San Rafael who NBC Today Show called “the best organic coffee”,Weaver’s Coffee. Interesting. I’ve never heard of them myself. But a little research on their site finds the founder, John Weaver, was once Master Roaster at Peet’s Coffee and knows a thing or two about small-batch roasting. Either way, it’s great there’s more and more independent coffee roasters getting attention.


The founder and distiller chose a darker, richer Mocha Java bean that was dry aged for five years before roasting, which they say “provides woody cedar notes you’ll appreciate straight or complimenting a cocktail”. If you’ve seen some of the Firelit recipes, you can just imagine how tasty this is gonna be.

Batch 03 is on shelves now. See where to snag a bottle near you.
[Firelit on Facebook]

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