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Just Bottled: “Firelit” Blue Bottle Coffee Liqueur

Three years of tasting, tweaking, and perfecting. Now it’s bottled, corked, and about to fall into the hands of San Francisco’s finest mixologists …

Firelit Spirits just launched their inaugural Firelit Coffee Liqueur, made with San Francisco’s Blue Bottle Coffee. And I could not be more stoked. Beyond just being a lover of Blue Bottle and delicious ‘n dark coffee in general, I love the fact that these guys got so geeked out about bringing out genuine coffee flavors (not to mention a serious ABV) while staying true to small-batch, keep-it-local sensibility.

The result is a striking artisinal brew that even smells like real coffee. The taste is the real deal, too. Only richer, stonger, and somehow smoother at the same time. See, Firelit’s not cloying or sweet like Kahlua or even the Starbucks variety. Instead, the full flavors of fresh, dark-roasted coffee and premium brandy fill the palette. Big time. Whoa. This stuff would make a killer Caucasion, let alone a Firelit-on-the-rocks.

300 lbs of Yemen, custom hand-roasted Blue Bottle Coffee went into this batch of Firelit. Ironically, the magic isn’t all heat. It’s cold, too:

“The coffee is brewed immediately after the roasting is finished which captures every nuance of the Yemen bean. It is cold brewed for 18 hours and then blended with the brandy. We then allow the blend to age in stainless steel tanks for one month to allow it to full integrate. Before botling we infuse a few small batches of fresh coffee which we use to adjust Firelit to the perfect intensity to balance with the desired sweetness.”

Seems like Blue Bottle Coffee is popping up a lot lately. They even just opened a coffee bar in Williamsburg/Brooklyn, full story at SFoodie.

UPDATE: List of where to find Firelit Coffee Liqueur »

Visit FirelitSpirits.com or Firelit on Facebook »

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8 Responses

  1. jsled says:

    Tangentially related, are you familiar with CA bill AB 1598, seeking to outlaw caffeinated beers? Bad stuff. 🙁


  2. Thanks. Didn’t hear about that. There’s a ton of screwy laws certain groups are pushing for. Pretty scary. http://www.supportyourlocalbrewery.org/

  3. K Hayes says:

    A labor of love comes to fruition!!! Congratulations, my friends!

  4. Jon Camp says:

    i’m among a fortunate handful to have tasted this stuff early on and that writeup is dead on .. this stuff is SO F’N GOOD! and i confirm .. outstanding caucasian base. rocks is better. it may well become a must have in high end liquor cabinets. go firelit!!

  5. Tammy Houston says:

    Sounds delicious… Where can I buy some?

  6. […] to a helpful reader who today pointed out this find to us: Just Bottled: “Firelit” Blue Bottle Coffee Liqueur – Ünnecessary Ümlaut. If Starbucks is good enough for the booze bottle, why not Blue Bottle Coffee? Apparently […]

  7. brian says:

    Just picked up a bottle. Drank it neat. Amazing flavors. Highly recommended. About $44.

  8. K&L is going to start carrying it any second now! Look out for the podcast interview with Dave Smith on the SF WineChef podcast in the next few weeks.

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