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HowTo: Make A Flaming Bacon Lance of Death

Sure, using bacon to create a plasma torch hot enough to melt steel is impressive. But it’s the spinning scene at 1:05 I can’t stop watching. And watching …

See how it’s done in PopSci’s “Bacon: The Other White Heat”. (via BoingBoing Gadgets )

BONUS: The BA-K-47 (Thanks, Fang)


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  1. [...] See the rest here: HowTo: Make A Flaming Bacon Lance of Death [...]

  2. mike says:

    The bacinnovations never cease!

    To learn more about the salted pork phenomenon, check out this cool write up on the topic from the LA Times.

    Why the Internet loves bacon*

  3. Good writeup. Bummer the squeeze-bottle of Bacon Paste was a joke.

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