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Gorgeousity: Amazing HD Aerial Footage of Bay Area

This was all shot with a RED Epic-equipped gyrostabilized camera platform, The GSS C520. “A portable 5-axis system that houses a range of leading digital cinema cameras, like the Epic and Sony F55, while also capable of integrating future advancements in camera technology”. Whoa. Check out what else Teton Gravity Research is up to (no pun intended).

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SF: Roaming Star Wars Cantina Band In The Mission Halloween Nite!

hammerhead getting ready to hit SF

UPDATED: Halloween night, a roaming Star Wars Cantina Band took over the Mission in SF. Hitting up bar after bar. And when they couldn’t get in (ahem … Bruno’s) they played on the sidewalk.

Great idea, Occlupanid.

Alderaan Road EP

It's A Wrap

It takes a band of Biths to bring Megatron and Hammerhead together. Here’s a video from Nate at A New Leaf; one of the members of the roaming rockers.


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Video: Socialnomics Makes The Case For Social Media

Interesting. I’d like to see how these stats compare in just another year. Either way, Socialnomics‘ point is well taken: social media is bigger than you think. So? (via AllThingsD)

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He made the shit up (via Dog & Pony Show)

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