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WTF MP3: Fugazi + Wu-Tang Clan = Wugazi

Well this was a surprise.

While the title suggests a mashup of Wu-Tang Clan‘s 36 Chambers and Fugazi’s 13 Songs, it’s actually more. Much more. In fact, producer/emcee Cecil Otter and producer/musician Swiss Andy took a whole year to pour through every album and every recording from both bands. Wugazi 13 Chambers is the result.

The album opener pulls from Fugazi‘s Instrument soundtrack “I’m So Tired” and Enter the Wu-Tang‘s C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Runs Everything Around Me). Whatever doubts you had upon reading the headline will be comforted within the first, sick-ass minute. What a rad idea.

Wugazi “Sleep Runs Everything Around Me” from 13 Chambers

Stream the whole album on Soundcloud »

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