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Art Opening: The Beer Show 8/26

Yes, craft beer is an art to itself. But when you mix craft beer with the art of artists, well, you’ve got The Beer Show. This group exhibit includes drawings, glass art, clothing, jewelery and crafts all made from or inspired by beer, bottle caps and coasters.

Official statement by show curator Sarah Chase:

The inspiration for this show came from an experience that I had when I first saw a piece by Tom Marioni called “Free Beer (The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art)” 1970-2011.

Back in 1994 a few friends and I stubbled into a gallery in NYC on a snowy december day. The show there was titled “Conceptual Art from the Bay Area”. In this exhibit was a piece by artist Tom Marioni titled “Free Beer (The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art)” 1970-2011.

This piece consisted of a refrigerator with beer inside, table, chairs, shelf, beer bottles and a light bulb. What happened that day was a series of very fortunate events. We did not realize that gallery closed because the elevator was not locked and allowed us to enter that floor. This began to dawn on us after we had possibly cracked a beer or two… by then other people had also wandered in to show and we shared an afternoon of art and beer and beer as art.

The goal of this exhibit is to capturing the essence of that experience and what objects create a memory of shared experience of good times, conversations and beer. Fueled by beer and art and beer as art.

Exhibiting artists include Rick KluRobin BilesJack Van StoneClay Logan and Sarah Chase.  Featuring beer by 21st Amendment Brewery and Lost Coast Brewery.

The Beer Show where art and beer meet
The Jimmie Gallery
744 Folger Avenue Berkeley, CA 94710
August 26 – September 24, 2011

Opening reception August 26, 2011 5-9pm

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