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Single Batch Simcoe: New Russian River Beer “Row 2, Hill 56″ Hitting (Some) Shelves

Bottled less than a month ago in a very limited (for now) single batch, Russian River‘s newest beer Row 2, Hill 56 is starting to hit more Bay Area shelves. I found mine at Wilibees in Petaluma. They only had two cases and thus had a four-bottle limit.

Being used to such finely-crafted flavor explosions from Russian River (Blind Pig being my fav) I was really expecting another hop party in my mouth. Instead, I got a very subdued but nonetheless delicious Simcoe-focused experience. Super balanced (no surprise) and clean. If you’re lucky enough to be in the Bay I suggest hitting up the source and having it on tap in Santa Rosa.

So, what’s with the name and the Simcoe?

“Row 2, Hill 56 is our nod to the 3 Simcoe growing families in Yakima and a reference to the exact location in the experimental hop yard where it was first developed! 100% Simcoe hop pale ale, 5.8% alcohol, and being bottled for the very first time today! … Sending a small amount out for local distribution and some to So. Cal, but that’s all we have for now! We only brewed one batch, so it will not be regularly bottled.

More info on Russian River’s site.


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