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AR: Dimension Invader Augmented Reality iPhone Game and … the Future

Dimension Invaders combines camera, GPS, and accelerometer to bring space invaders into firing range. Wherever you may be. Game only works on iPhone 3GS. Learn more at Rapidito Games. Or download from iTunes.


Fang just sent me this video on the future of AR gaming. Not real, but pretty badass. Dimension Invader is the closest we’ll get for now.

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Play: Monopoly Beer Lovers Edition

Too bad this is just fantasy brewed up by the dudes at SloshSpot. But with every other Monopoly edition imaginable (like Simpsons, ElvisChicago Bears), why not beer?

Avenues include local staples like Anchor Steam and Pliny The Elder. Park Place went to yummy St. Bernardus Abt 12. For Boardwalk they went with the luscious imperial stout The Abyss. Delicious, but for sheer high-price Boardwalk status (and high ABV) I’d go with Tactical Nuclear Penguin ($56+).

The only other switch I’d make is replacing Fat Tire. Am I the only one who’s tired of it? New Belgium has plenty of other, better offerings. Better yet, replace that space with something from Petaluma’s finest. Hmm, I smell a California Beer Edition Monopoly coming… (Thanks, Mike!)

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Play: Name That Beard

Play Name That Beard

Good luck getting many right. And better luck not getting this tune stuck in your head, “Name that beard! … Name that beard!! … Can you name that beeeeeard?

This game is an oldie but a goodie. As we approach Petaluma Whiskerino, you’re gonna see more hairy posts like this.

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