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Rad: Funeral Home Mini Golf Illustration & Beard Socks by Ana Benaroya


Stoked to see Illustrator Ana Benaroya did a piece for my post on the Mini Golf Course in Basement of Funeral Home. She designed the above and a lot more for some “factual trivia magazine”. Gotta track that down.

AND, it turns out, she designed the beard socks Mel got me for Whiskerino last year. Buy ‘em here.

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The Beatles: A Decade in Facial Hair vs. Fashion

Two really cool Beatles infographic-y illustrations. As funny and simple as the Decade in Facial Hair by MozzarellaPoppy. is, the fashion one wins hands down.

Ten Good Years from Buenos Aires illustrator Max Dalton is available as a limited edition print.

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Beer Art: The Bruery Autumn Maple in Sections

Now I wanna try this beer even more.

I’m crazy for pumpkin ales in the Fall. But yam beer? Sounds good. Looks even better.

Alyson Thomas of Drywell Art designed this separation of The Bruery‘s Autumn Maple ingredients in watercolor and ink illustration over digital background. It’s currently on The Bruery website.

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Bombshell: Princess June from Battle Of The Planets

Cliff Chiang, the same guy who remixed album covers with DC Super Heroes, also did a mini set of Super Heroines done up like Vargas and Elvgren style pinups called Atomic Bombshells. You can buy miniprints of the set for only 20 bones. Update: The miniprints are sold out. Bummer.

As for Battle Of The Planets, I had to wake up pretty damn early to watch this when I was a kid. Here’s the trailer for the original cartoon, also known as Gatchaman:

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