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POV FTW: Watch the Russian Dash-Cam Supercut

It’s like this every day in Russia. At least when they come to America they only cause carnage inside (e.g: Crazy Russian Lady Destroys Grocery Aisle). Thanks, Jacob.


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Watch: Crazy Russian Lady Destroys Grocery Aisle

Gotta love how everyone (even little old ladies) can now so easily document the crazy shit that goes on around us. Bless you, good samaritans.

I used to live right across from this grocery store when it used to be a Cala. I saw a lot of stern Russians but never like this.

This is right up there with the guy falling in the aisle. Only angrier. Messier. The woman’s obviously crazy. But at the same time, you know it’d be fun. Read how it all went down at SFist »

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