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W-w-watch: Drunk Guy Putting on Flip-Flop at Coachella

So pathetic, it’s impressive. Someone needs to do a Techno Viking remix of this. Pronto. (Thanks, Mel)


Hang in there. Especially if you’ve seen the original vid. This Tragedy Remix Requiem soundtrack is seriously brilliant. I’m sure Jeff Goldblum would attest.

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  1. tim says:

    You can see at about 36 seconds he takes that large breath in and thinks to himself “ok, stand up, you can do this, your the man,” and then at like 56 seconds he continue on with “I’m Joey, how you doinnnnnnn’?”

  2. […] Drunkest guy ever went back for more beer, but now has to put on his flip-flops. The Umlaut said it best, “so pathetic, it’s impressive.” [via Unnecessary Umlaut.] […]

  3. You put the right foot in, you take the right foot out…

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Fred Abercrombie. Fred Abercrombie said: Marvel at the wonder of Drunk Coachella Flip Flop Guy: http://bit.ly/bfCwJC […]

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