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Watch: Meth Addict vs. Invisible Snakes

Amazing National Crystal Meth Hallucination League action from The Onion‘s new Sportsdome. I wonder if the league started in Mendocino. (Thanks, Jesse!)

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Scantless: No Tweekers Sign
Whoa: Logan Lacy Squats 1008 Pounds, Pukes Several Ounces
Watch: Cubs Fan Catches Ball in Beer … Then Chugs it
Video: Sharp Bow-And-Arrow Shooter Can Hit Anything
Video: Mets’ Santana Runs Elaborate Handshake Gauntlet
MANDOM: Charles Bronson Commercial Collection
Trailer: Badass Gymnast + Karate + The 80s = Gymkata!
MP3: Friday Five 08.13.10 with Snake! Snake! Snakes!


Watch: Google In-Phone Ad Whisperer and a Yahoo! Smartphone

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I can’t tell which is funnier, the 2+ minute Google piece or the 3 second Yahoo! one. Gotta love The Onion.

It may not be Cock Puncher but it’s right up there with the MacBook Wheel.

Trailer: “Don’t tase me, Cockpuncher!” Steven Seagal is Lawman
Big In Japan: Black Man Undies, Ball Blushers, and Tommy Lee Jones
Cool: Google Chrome Speed Tests


Trailer: “Don’t tase me, Cockpuncher!” Steven Seagal is Lawman

Can’t believe this is real. But it is. (Thanks, Wardinger)

If only Cockpuncher was, too.

Although The Onion Movie, overall, was like a weak redux of Kentucky Fried Movie, I’d put Cockpuncher right up there with Fistful of Yen.

“Now, take him to be tortured!”