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How To: Make a Guinness Black & Orange (Smashed Pumpkin)

This simple concoction seriously tastes like pumpkin pie à la mode. And its colors are perfect for cheering the San Francisco Giants. Win, win.

It works with any pumpkin beer, but I prefer Smashed Pumpkin Ale from Shipyard‘s Pugsley’s Signature Series. It’s big on flavor without tasting like a packet of pumpkin spice dropped in a beer. There’s a great writeup on it at Brewed For Thought.


  • Draught-Style Can of Guinness
  • Bottle of Pumpkin Ale (I prefer Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin Ale)
  • Pint glass
  • Spoon

STEP 1: Fill the glass halfway with pumpkin ale (just like a Black & Tan or or when making my Black & Green w/Apple Lambic). Ale is heavier so the Guinness will float on top.

• •   • •

STEP 2: Slowly pour Guinness over the curved side of the spoon*, this’ll help it dissipate and give you a more pronounced Black & Orange.

*unlike this photo, hold your spoon inside the rim of the glass (I only have two hands, so holding the spoon properly lost out to holding the camera)

• •   • •

STEP 3: Let settle. Then enjoy the Wonka-like experience of liquified pumpkin pie à la mode.

• •   • •

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