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Lagunitas Chicago: Where The Wild Things Are (Going)

Spotted this killer mural on the side of a cafe near where Lagunitas is building their Chicago brewery.

Just another reason I love my motherland, great street art. Oh, and things like mini-golf in a funeral home.

Beer Maiden Mural: Hanna Aitchison Wall Piece for Lagunitas Chicago Beer “Zephyr”
Dawned on Chicago: Jeff Tweedy does WGN Weather
KYEO: Breadface & Blues Wheatpastes in Chicago’s Roscoe Village
WTF: Hockey Ref Magically Materializes at Blackhawks Game
Spooky: Miniature Golf in Basement of Ahlgrim’s Funeral Home
Hang: Glass Ledge on Sears Tower Makes Me Wanna Pee, Spit

KYEO: Banksy in Carmel?

Spotted this while driving into Carmel this weekend.

While it’s on the most English of hotels in town and vaguely Banksy-ish in style …

… it’s not Banksy. See the rest »

KYEO: Skullphone in Santa Monica / Digital Media @ Subliminal Projects

Spotted at Olympic & Lincoln, outside Company 3. First Skullphone piece I’ve seen in a while. Apparently his new show Digital Media has been running at Subliminal Projects and is wrapping up July 2nd. Watch the vid below.

Dots are big part of his latest wave of work, “Through painted pointillism, the imagery dislocates as the artwork is approached.”

Check out Skullphone‘s Digital Media show by Friday at Subliminal Projects in Echo Park. Or snag some prints in the online store.

See the rest »

Graf: Banksy hits San Francisco(?)!

SFist dropped the bomb that two Banksy pieces have been spotted around San Francisco. More pics and info on where they’re at over at Spots Unknown.

He must be in town promoting his doc, Exit Through The Gift Shop:

Richard Hawley “Tonight the Streets Are Ours” from Lady’s Bridge
(Heard on the Friday Five)

KYEO: Banksy in Carmel?
KYEO: Ominous Shadow Art on California Street
KYEO: Urban Mushrooms
KYEO: Wheatpaste on Market St, Name That Casual Male
KYEO: Breadface & Blues Wheatpastes in Chicago’s Roscoe Village
Art: Last Mike Giant / Skullz Press Show at 260 Divisadero

KYEO: Urban Mushrooms


Spotted these off Sutter St on Trinity Place. Ever since I moved here I’d see these all around SF. But they’d be painted over by the time I’d swing by again with a camera. Not this time. Thank you crappy iPhone cam.

• •   • •

KYEO: Lo Pan Ate Your Posse
KYEO: LA Street Art by Buff Monster, Invader, Cali Killa, Mr. Brainwash, Alec, Shark Toof
KYEO: Stenciled Boy in Dogpatch
KYEO: Breadface & Blues Wheatpastes in Chicago’s Roscoe Village

KYEO: Ominous Shadow Art on California Street

Ominous Shadow on California Street

No, not the KD Lang / Richard Belzer hybrid standing to the left. The firebox shadow. And is that kid eating a Bomb Pop or firing up her lightsaber?

Spotted on California @ Montgomery.