Ünnecessary Ümlaut


A surplus of geekery by :: Fred Abercrombie

Art: Contextual Faces

tom hine / UK

saner / madrid, spain

steon / spain

sinboy / bucharest

It’s one thing to say, “those windows look like eyes.” It’s another to go, “those windows look like eyes, I’m gonna add a nose and a mouth.” Love it.

See tons more at Ekosystem.org. (Thanks, Rich!)

KYEO: Breadface & Blues Wheatpastes in Chicago
Rad: Urban Lenticular in Berlin
SF: Homeless Man Breaks Fourth Wall of iPad Ad
KYEO: Ominous Shadow Art on California Street
KYEO: Urban Mushrooms
KYEO: Wheatpaste on Market St, Name That Casual Male


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