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WTF: Poodle-Camel, -Bison, -Panda, -Pony, -Preposterous

See the Poodle Camel big

See the Poodle Bison large


I’ve always been creeped out by poodles and have only pet them reluctantly, out of guilt. I feel bad ‘cuz I’m sure they’re sweet and smart. But their ramen-like, yet semi-human, curly hair just gives me the willies. So imagine my shock and awe when I came across these photos taken by Ren Netherland. Shudder.

See more at Daily Mail. (via MeFi)

See Poodle Panda large

See the Poodle Pony large

Seriously, this is just gross. And there’s lots more here. Masochist.

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