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The Cow-Boy Girl: Four Bad Men from Arizona

Spotted this vintage 1910 poster over the weekend and’ve been wondering … is one of ’em a tranny? Where’s the girl? Notice how dastardly ‘staches and bladed weapons outnumber guns by a longshot (no pun intended).

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Skeezer: A Name You Can Trust

You can really taste the skeez!

Spotted this at an antique shop in Santa Rosa. Yeah, she’s cute now. But wait ’til she grows up. They’ll be makin’ signs like this like this for her. Or, if you’ve got a thing for vintage signs, too: View The Old Hessel Store Sign Extravaganza Sebastopol.


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Beer Güt Shirt

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Watch: Las Vegas Circa ’62 & San Francisco ’58

I love how you can see the edge of the 16mm film flashing by.

Just dreamy.

Though I’ve been in SF for well over a decade, I lived in Vegas for years and would go there every summer while growing up in Chicago. To say I have a soft spot for the “old” Vegas would be like saying I just sorta-kinda like beer.


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Vintage Vegas: Moustache Cup from Caesars Palace

Nowadays a ‘Moustache Cup’ would have a curly handlebar printed on the edge so drinkers look like they’ve got a dastardly ‘stache

But this is not your hipster’s coffee cup …

See the bit of moustache wax under “Las“? That’s the real deal, folks.

Moustache Cups had a protective strainer built-in so your ‘stache wouldn’t get soaked   See the rest »

Happy Day: Vintage Acme Beer Can

I was just notified that today, Jan 24, is Beer Can Appreciation Day (thanks, Jay). Here’s a vintage Acme beer can my wife gave me as a pencil holder, circa 1940s-ish.

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One Lung Bandit: Vintage Cigarette Slot Machine

Popeye will trade you spinach for another chance at them Luckies.

We spotted this in an antique shop north of Ukiah, CA. Manufactured by O.D. Jennings & Co., this Cigarette Slot Machine gave you the option of buying the smokes you want or actually gambling for them. You know there’s a sweet smoking = gambling with your life pun in there, but I’m not touchin’ it.

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Want: Super Shogun Stormtrooper from Super7

Yes, it has rotating wheels on the bottom of the feet.

Yes, it has a spring-loaded Rocket Punch firing fist.

Yes, you are crazy for wondering if you need it. Of course you need a two-foot tall Star Wars Super Shogun Stormtrooper.

In the world of jumbo-sized Japanese toys known as Jumbo Machinders, or even Shogun Warriors, no new characters have been produced in this size for over 25 years. Until now.

San Francisco‘s Super7 brings us the limited edition Super Shogun Stormtrooper in all its two-foot glory.

More info and killer pics at starwars.super7store.com »

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Hack: Canon 5D x 1908 Camera Lens

Goofy profile. Gorgeous pics.

New York DP and Photographer Timur Civan, with help from his “Russian lens technician”, took a circa 1908 (possibly earlier) Wollensak 35mm F5.0 Cine-Velostigmat hand-cranked cinema camera lens and grafted it onto a Canon 5D Mark II.

(*For the less geeky, the 5D’s a seriously kick-ass digital cam that shoots still and video and full HD*)

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Fail: Vintage CHiPs and Dukes of Hazzard Action Figures

Wheels Willy (1977) wants to show you his one-eyed willy. With a patch over one eye and a name like Willy why the hell would they mold his hand like that? He doesn’t come with any accessories. But maybe he hasn’t found the right one yet (*rim shot).

Luke Duke (1981) is just missing his rubber waist-band. I’m sure Willy can keep his eye out for one.

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Found: Vintage Beer Cans In Wall Of Lower Haight Apt.

Vintage Beer Cans Found In Wall of 301 Webster

Helped a good friend move out of what used to be my wife’s old apartment. Back behind the victorian moldings of their built-in bookcase were dozens of vintage beer cans—as if the former occupants would toss ’em up and over after they’d knock ’em back. A nice little time capsule of pull-top Lucky Lager, Miller High Life, Hamm’s, Rainier, and Olympia vintage beer cans.

Coincidentally, this was the day I had scored free tix to the Beer Shed at Eat Real Fest from Mario at Brewed For Thought. (Thanks anyway, man!)


“From the land of sky blue waters.”
Love the design of this Hamm’s tall boy.

Vintage tall boy Miller High Life and Olympia Beer Cans

Olympia … “It’s the Water.” Not to be confused with Hamm’s sky-blue variety.

Vintage Labatt's Half Quart Can

Vintage Lucky Lager Beer Can

Hamms and Rainier Beer Cans


And remember those Hamm’s “rippling” beer signs? Hypnotic.

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