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A surplus of geekery by :: Fred Abercrombie

iPad: Make Cutting Edge Designs with IsoSketch App

Not just a killer way to make killer angular designs on your iPad, IsoSketch also lets you export them for use in other programs on your computer—without having to sync your iPad.

Created in part by PixelRevision, the same Developer behind CamStache and Space Invaders Augmented Reality test.

Get IsoSketch for a $2.99 launch price »

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New: The Ferocious Few Attack SF with Video Projections, iPhone App
DWI: The New Hyundai Equus Owners Manual is an iPad
CamStache: The First Facial Recognition Follicle Combobulator
SF: Homeless Man Breaks Fourth Wall of iPad Ad (in Ladies Loafers)
Rad: Glasses-Free 3D iPad with Head Tracking App
Whoa: Space Invaders Augmented Reality and Real Tights
iPhone: BeerStat Beer Tallying App
Adv: Puma’s Stripping Stock Ticker iPhone App


Süperfad x Nando Costa: Tactile Waveforms Video

Trippy couple of days. First multiplying sheep. Now bar graphs and pie charts exploding off the page into something like a Pink Floyd LP cover on peyote.

Created by design and live-action  production company Süperfad and directed by Nando Costa,
this video “explores the connections between science, mathematics and music“. Music is by World Gang, a side-project of Modest Mouse‘s Jeremiah Green and Plastiq Phantom Darrin Wiener. Nando and Jeremiah have a previous relationship, as he shot Modest Mouse “Whale Song” video.

The unnecessarily umlauted Süperfad is on a roll as of late. Just the other day they released their HTML5 and WebGL -powered Global Traffic Visualizer. Check out the vid:

See the rest »


Pork Rider: Jeremy Fish Designs New OJ Skateboard Wheels

“…I always thought riding on four really high performance pigs would be awesome. And if you got hungry, just pull over for some bacon…”

Jeremy Fish gave The Ümlaut some background on the new Pork Rider wheels he designed for OJSee the rest »


Watch: Cat & Bird from ilovedust

Love the ending. Though I’m beginning to think ilovedust has a thing for chases. Remember Nike “Chase”? See the rest »


Stacked: (((((Stereo))))) Album Covers

Vinyl porn. Without the PVC bodysuits.

I’ve got a major thang for vintage vinyl album covers. And could spend all day flipping through stacks at Amoeba for the design and over-the-top copy alone. There’s a new site/project that exploits one very specific vinyl fetish: the Stereo header. Whatever kind you’re into—Living, Dual Dynamic, Stereo-Spectrum, Sterophonic, Kaleidoscopic—Stereo Stack collects scans from old covers and stacks them for your ogling pleasure. You can even shuffle ‘em with a click.

Sarted by the owner of Seattle’s Jive Time Records and founder of album cover blog Project Thirty-Three, the site currently has dozens of different headers and a promise of more to come.

There’s even a stereo ‘stache:

Go peruse StereoStack.com »

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Beer+Vinyl: The Utica Club National Carbonation Beer Drinking Song 7″, 1968
Remix: Album Covers Recreated With DC Super Heroes
Video: Vanishing Point Is Abstract LP Cover Trip-Out
Arcade Fire: Sprawl II and Animated Suburbs Cover
R.I.V.: Rest In Vinyl, Press Your Ashes Into Vinyl Records
WTF: Album Tacos
Live: Rockin’ Home Furnishings from Bughouse
CamStache: The First Facial Recognition Follicle Combobulator


Sold Out: Amazing True Grit Poster by Aaron Horkey / Burlesque

Fresh off the presses. Ben LaFond at Burlesque just posted this pic as he finished the run of True Grit posters by Aaron Horkey. Too bad the poster’s already sold out.

I’ve seen Aaron‘s amazing typography showcased in Hi-Fructose and am always enthralled. But at 15″x 39″ this print is a particularly impressive beast. Especially when you know the following fact:

Aaron does not use a computer.

Here’s an early “rough” sketch to prove it.

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Peep the final poster and color variant

More print pics and info at MondoTees »

Read Aaron‘s Hi-Fructose interview.

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Arcade Fire: Burlesque Video and Silkscreens

For the latest Arcade Fire print (the sixth, I believe) from Burlesque Design North America, they created this video. The show is Wednesday night in St. Paul. All those who aren’t attending can snag the 4-color print on their site Thursday, September 23rd. (via UP)

Arcade Fire “Ready to Start”

Check out these other Arcade Fire / Burlesque silkscreens still available:

See the rest »


Beer Art: The Bruery Autumn Maple in Sections

Now I wanna try this beer even more.

I’m crazy for pumpkin ales in the Fall. But yam beer? Sounds good. Looks even better.

Alyson Thomas of Drywell Art designed this separation of The Bruery‘s Autumn Maple ingredients in watercolor and ink illustration over digital background. It’s currently on The Bruery website.

See more artful separations in Alyson‘s project, See the rest »


Awesome: $TAR WAR$ MONEY

This is old, but new to me. ¿Y tú? More Art for George Lucas »

Beer: Sierra Nevada’s The Empire Strikes Black
Pop Quiz: What Beer is Princess Leia Toasting?
Star Wars: In the Booth with Yoda for TomTom GPS
Make A Wish: Slave Leia Carwash
Watch: Galactic Empire State of Mind
Rad: Victorian Star Wars Portraits


Design: Missy the Cat and a Designers Revenge

This is the funniest things I’ve seen/read in a while. (Thanks, Dylan!)

A woman loses her cat and asks graphic designer, David Thorne, to help with the flyer.

Take a moment and read this amazing exchange »

And another, about pie charts »

Gif: Floating Cat is Hypnotic
Video: Breakdance Cat Attack
Tripping Balls: Crazy Double Rainbow Guy Autotuned and ICP Theory
Watch: Jerry Lewis Goat and the Dancing Dog
Video: Creepy Raccoon Hand and Sleepwalking Dog


Design Fail: The Tequila Your Man Could Smell Like

Look up. It’s the tequila your man could smell like. Now look down. It’s two things your design reeks of. I’m on a donkey.

Saw the La Pinta tequila flyer at The Irish Bank (brilliant place to promote pomegranate infused tequila).

Cinco De Mayo: Watch the Illegal Machete Trailer!
Traction: Wieden’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Old Spice Spot
Fail: Vintage CHiPs and Dukes of Hazzard Action Figures
Whoa: Clash Of The Titans Kraken Is Rancor Monster + Sarlacc Love Child


Watch This: Logorama, Oscar-Winning Animated Short

Set aside 15 minutes to watch this epic animated short film. Some NSFW language and violence (so mind the kiddies). Watch Logorama on Vimeo. (Thanks, Gerard!)

Logorama‘s opening cityscape made me think of this real-life take on our logofied, over-branded future: See the rest »


Fresh: Take The DEVO Color Study

What color should DEVO‘s new helmets be? They’re crowdsourcing for the answer.

The effort is a result of a partnership with oh-so-hot agency Mother LA (which opened their Los Angeles office specifically to service the band). More info at Creativity Online.

Take the Color Study from DEVO, Inc. to voice your opinion. Duty now!

Devo “Fresh” from Fresh or Something For Everyone


Ongoing: A Collection of Facial Hair Collections

Many have attempted to collect and classify the various species of facial folliclery. None have attempted to collect those collections. Well, at least not here. Until now …

See the rest »


Gifted: Stenciled Tees from Ed Roth’s Stencil 1 and Rock n Roll Crafts

Stag n Houndstooth Shirt at Rock N Roll Crafts

A last-minute gift that’s handmade, local, and freakin’ fresh? It’s a holiday miracle!

These rockin’ shirts are hand stenciled by the stylish hands of Elaine Elwick BarrRock n Roll Crafts. She’s the one and only artist licensed to use Stencil 1 designs from Ed Roth (no, not that one). But like Big Daddy, she’s good with the customs. So when you see a design you like, she’ll spray it up in practically any colors you can think of. On any color shirt (well, that American Apparel can think of).

Rock n Roll Crafts at Renegade Craft Fair
December 19 & 20 at  Fort Mason, San Francisco

Art: Stenciled Shadow Skaters by TR853-1
Crafty: Drinks and Gifts at Etsy Handmade Ho-Down
Design: Yeti’s Best Apple Box Labels Get My Thumbs Up