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Gallery: The Great Handcar Regatta 2009

Iceblock Racers

These ice-block racers had the right idea. Handcar Regatta 2009 was hotter than ever. Plus, it tripled the attendees and racers from its inaugural year. If you missed it, be sure to trek on up to Railroad Square in Santa Rosa next year.

Man stepping out from Absolution booth

Muir Houghton‘s Absolution Booth.

Rail-Independent Racer

Tom Waits strollin' through Handcar Regatta

Tom Waits cruisin’ through the Handcar Regatta.

Steampunk on Stilts Gives High Five

Action shot of the Steampunk On Stilts giving a huge high five.

August in front of rocket car

Beard Family (2 out of 3)

Now if this isn’t a family of bona-fide explorers, I don’t know who is.

Les Claypool announcing the racers of Handcar Regatta

Les Claypool announced all the afternoon’s racers.

Racer coming down the tracks at the Handcar Regatta

Racers at Handcar Regatta

Racers at Handcar Regatta

Side-burned Handcar Regatta racer

Side-burned racer from the car above.

Everett muggin' the camera

Steampunk beer sign with Lagunitas IPA

Nice beer sign for Lagunitas. Equating things down to simple math. And drunken frogs.

Winslow and Beau melting ice cream

Winslow and Beau melting ice cream with their outfits.

Cool old car with temperature in the hood ornament

This cool old car had a temperature gauge in the hood ornament so you could tell if it was overheating without having to pull over. Brilliant.

Cyclecide stencil on the outside of their bus

Cyclecide stencil on the outside of their bus. They were at the last Handcar Regatta. Not to mention the Power Tool Drag Races … whatever happened to those?

Everett on the kiddie ride from Cyclecide

Everett on the kiddie ride from Cyclecide. Dig the warning, “You voluntarily assume the risk of serious injury or death just by attending this event.” No joke.

Everett outside the big ride from Cyclecide

Everett outside the bicycle-powered swings from Cyclecide. When this gets going, people get spun around nearly horizontal. Pretty rad.

The Porch stage at Handcar Regatta

The Porch stage rockin’ and bouncin’.

Moustachioed Strongman and Bearded Lady

I know for a fact the Strongman’s moustache was fake. But the Bearded Lady’s chest hair?


From the makers of The Golden Mean, Electrobite. More pics and info here.

The Golden Mean Snail Car on Unnecessary Umlaut

More pics of The Golden Mean Snail Car here on The Umlaut.

Woman with chicken on The Porch

Dig the crocheted-design of that Trader Joe’s brand Simpler Times beer can.

Dueling Penny Farthings

Dueling Penny Farthings.

August with Rocketboy Helmet

August and Everett Shooting Air Canon

ArtStart – The Flight of the Splendiforous Humdinger Dirigible Brigade

ArtStart’s “The Flight of the Splendiforous Humdinger Dirigible Brigade”

Felt Moustachioed Ladies

Felting A Moustache

… How to felt a moustache.


Brookelynn Morris, author of Feltique (yes, she wrote the book on felting), pictured with friend.

Feltique, The Book on Felting

(Said book.)

August at the Make Zine Booth with Felt Moustache

August at the Make Zine booth with a freshly felted ‘stache, courtesy of Melissa and Brookelynn’s handiwork.

Penny Racer at Finish Line

Two Penny racer at the Finish Line. It was a long, hot day.

See more racers at the Handcar Regatta’s Engineers’ Arcade.

Whiskerino: Postcard Peeps at the Great Handcar Regatta

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