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Music: Edison Rocks The Monome

What the hell’s a Monome? In short, it’s a super-minimalist, programmable grid of buttons (8×8 square) for electronic music or gaming. You connect through USB to assign beats, samples, or whatever. Then mix and loop on the fly.

This clever lil’ vid best visualizes the Monome’s functions and potential:

Edison “Yellow and Blue” by mlandry.

When I posted a track from Edison on last week’s Friday Five, all I knew was what I heard: he rocked the Monome like no other. Next day, my friend Dalia shot me an email saying she actually works with the guy here in San Francisco. The city just gets smaller and smaller.

Dalia helped shoot this vid. 64 buttons. 64 sounds. Shot live with 2 cams. Edison killed it in one take. Rad.

Aside from being technologically fascinating, his music and beats make a killer work soundtrack. I’ve seriously got it on repeat.

Download an Edison MP3 here. Then buy the album.
Check his bloggity blog.

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