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KYEO: Three Heads Six Arms in SF Civic Center

Took a different bus this morning and was rewarded threefold …

Standing over 26 feet tall and weighing over 15 tons is the world premiere of Three Heads Six Arms by Zhang Huan.

More pics and info …

Three Heads Six Arms is part of a series of monumental works depicting the fragmented extremities of Buddhist sculptures that was inspired by Zhang’s discovery of religious sculptures that had been destroyed during the Cultural Revolution for sale in a Tibetan market.”

The head on the right (facing North) is actually a self-portrait of Zhang. Another example of how “… this sculpture embodies the hope that within a rapidly changing society, past and present can co-exist.”

This is Dwight McQueen, California’s next millionaire. Why? He told me so. And because he invented a new anti-theft device: a clothing rack with built-in security cameras. After showing me the schematics and even the patent application, I kinda believe him.

SFist mentioned this was a possibility back in January. Five months (and $150,000) later the San Francisco Arts Commission really pulled through. It’ll be in Joseph L. Alioto Piazza thru 2011.

Read the press release for more info.

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