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Lagunitas Chicago: Where The Wild Things Are (Going)

Spotted this killer mural on the side of a cafe near where Lagunitas is building their Chicago brewery.

Just another reason I love my motherland, great street art. Oh, and things like mini-golf in a funeral home.

Beer Maiden Mural: Hanna Aitchison Wall Piece for Lagunitas Chicago Beer “Zephyr”
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Skeezer: A Name You Can Trust

You can really taste the skeez!

Spotted this at an antique shop in Santa Rosa. Yeah, she’s cute now. But wait ’til she grows up. They’ll be makin’ signs like this like this for her. Or, if you’ve got a thing for vintage signs, too: View The Old Hessel Store Sign Extravaganza Sebastopol.


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Beer Güt Shirt

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KYEO: Best Wet Paint Sign in NYC

Spotted on the NYC subway platform last night. No, we certainly Aint T-Pain. But let’s not rule out Tear Pain.

SEE ALSO: Video: Spiderman Plays Careless Whisper on Sax in NYC

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The Avalanches: Stereolab Remix, Reissue, and Frontier Psychiatrist Video
Scantless: No Tweekers Sign
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KYEO: Lo Pan Ate Your Posse
WTF: Best Cry Ever plus Slayer, Auto-Tune “Tear Pain”, and iPad Versions
Video: Death Metal Roostër & Usher Duet With a Goat

KYEO: The Billboard That Made Me Rethink Eating Cats

This brings up a terrific question: Why don’t you eat cats?

Bacon comes from an animal half as cute. Shouldn’t cats be twice as delicious?

There’s even a festival devoted entirely to eating cats Festival Gastronomico del Gato every September in Peru. Alas, this is not an ad for said fest. Nor does the Starter Guide set you down the path to becoming a feline feast fancier. It’s actually some sort of meatless propaganda. Bummer. Now it’s got me rethinking other animals, too. Like a grilled Panda Cow or Poodle-Bison burger. Mmm.

Spotted in Petaluma (the same placement as Healy’s Naked Power grab).

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Horn Toot: ARCO Nickel Board Wins OBIE Outdoor Advertising Award
Adv: Healy’s Naked Power Grab Sign
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Star Wars: AT-AT Walkers made of Bacon, Legos, Cotton

Scantless: No Tweekers Sign

Spotted while driving through Mendocino.

Tweekers and Bag Hos I’m clear on, but what the hell are scantless fish?

I turned to the trusty internets for a definition, expecting one result to come from Urban Dictionary, instead I got this urban Deep-Thoughts-on-crack discussion:

“Y is it femalez are so damn scantless?” See the rest »

KYEO: Banksy in Carmel?

Spotted this while driving into Carmel this weekend.

While it’s on the most English of hotels in town and vaguely Banksy-ish in style …

… it’s not Banksy. See the rest »

KYEO: Lo Pan Ate Your Posse

If you haven’t seen Big Trouble In Little China I don’t know how you’re even breathing right now.

We spotted this sticker on the side of a podium in Saturn CafeSanta Cruz. Breathing new life into Andre the Giant Has a Posse sticker ripoffs. The likes I haven’t seen for years.

KYEO indeed »

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