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Art: 4 New Limited Edition Warriors Screen Prints

Tomer Hanuka‘s Warriors theater-style poster (originally for the Alamo Drafthouse) measures a bitchin’ 24″ x 36″. Limited edition of 180.

Ken Taylor‘s Warriors prints measure 12″ x 36″ each. Three in a set. Limited edition of 200.

Can you count suckas?    

I say, these prints are yours if you can count.

Now look what we have here before us.

We got the Baseball Furies sitting next to the Orphans.

And sitting right next to them we got The Rogues.

Nobody is wasting nobody. That … is a miracle.
And miracles is the way things ought to be.

You are looking right now at four prints from two designers.

A set of three for $65. A single for $40.

All four together for only $105.

There ain’t nuthin but 340 editions in the whole series combined. Can you dig it?

Can you dig iiiiiiiiiiit?

Seriously, Boppers, if you missed the boat on the Warriors Patch do not miss snagging these prints. More info at Creep Machine.

Visit Ken Taylor’s siter »

Visit Tomer Hanuka’s site »


Tomer made a really cool observation regarding the pixel-ish subway tiles and the movie’s video-game structure as a whole. Read his process post.

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