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This Weekend: Renegade Craft Fair with Blue Ribbon Salvage

There’s a reason SF Weekly called out Blue Ribbon Salvage and this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair:

Her uniquely personal jewelry is heart-stoppingly gorgeous (and the show is FREE).

Using antique medals from the mid-1800s through the early 20th Century, Melissa of Blue Ribbon Salvage manages to piece together creations that not only compliment the wearer but relate to them with particular meaning. Whether it’s a Belgian medal for Motherhood or a vintage beekeeping award, there’s always something that ties back to a hobby or interest. It’s why they make such special gifts.

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200 total vendors ~ gifts from fashion to housewares

Head to the Concourse Exhibition Center in SF for the Renegade Craft Holiday Show today and Sunday. See the full lineup of artists here.

See more at: BlueRibbonSalvage.com

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