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Hey, Valentine: Enter the Love Letter Contest, Win Something Lovely

This is simple. And either way, you get a free Valentine’s Day gift out of it—a love letter to your sweetheart.

Can’t beat that. Unless you win this:

You could win your sweetheart (or yourself) this gorgeous, one-of-a-kind necklace from Blue Ribbon Salvage.

You’ve only got a few days left to enter.
Go now to BlueRibbonSalvage.com »

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Renegade: Craft Fair with Blue Ribbon Salvage
Cool: Fraternal Fist Bump, Circa 1890s
Handmade Ho Down: Catch Blue Ribbon Salvage & Local Artisans Down

Random/Addictive: Try Haikus for Humbugs

Kinda like payin’ the toll for the car behind you, only this doesn’t cost you a dime (or six freakin’ bucks like the Golden Gate).

As this year’s agency holiday card, G2 built this site that pipes in cranky, humbug-ian tweets so you can peruse and pick ones to respond to—with a random, cheery haiku. A “totally random way to cheer up someone totally random” indeed. Pretty simple. Pretty addictive, too. You don’t even have to be a word nerd. Go give it a try.

Maybe you can send one to the Freaky Snowman? I hear he’s got his own Twitter.


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MP3 Mix: This Year Goes To 11.11.11

Hot off the heels of Palindrome Day the eleven day of the eleventh month of the two thousand and eleventh year. Otherwise known as, Nigel Tufnel Day. To celebrate, we’re sharing our 11 Most Räwkin Tunes of 2011’s Friday Fives.

In no particular order…

  1. Dananananaykroyd “All Us Authors”  (via)
  2. Forgetters (Blake Schwarzenback) “The Night Accelerates” (via)
  3. Mind Spiders “No Romance” (via)
  4. Rooftop Vigilantes “Copper Is Free” (via)
  5. “Lonely Boy” The Black Keys (via)
  6. Wilco “I Might” (via)
  7. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks “Senator” (via)
  8. WATERS (ex-Port O’Brien) “For The One” (via)
  9. Man Man “Knuckle Down” (via)
  10. Yuck “Get Away” (via)
  11. Superchunk “Where Eagles Dare” (Misfits) (via)


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11022011: Happy Palindrome Day


Of all the significantly geeky dates of 2011 today might be the geekiest. So enjoy a tune by a palindrome-named German trio, To Rococo Rot and a fake one by Chicagoan, Andrew Bird. Then check out Dan Hersam‘s list of Palindromes.

If I had a Hi-Fi… Satan oscillate my metallic sonatas…

Andrew Bird “Fake Palindromes” [follow]
from The Mysterious Production of Eggs

To Rococo Rot “Miss You” [follow]
from Hotel Morgan 


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Beer Güt Shirt

1.1.11: The Significantly Geeky Dates of 2011
Cat Poo Coffee Beer: Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel
Beer Art: 7 Hilarious Hand-Drawn Taps at Church Key SF
May the 4th: Celebrate with LEGO Star Wars III Commercials and More

Happy 4th: Steve Jobs Fireworks, PES, and MP3s

° °  BOOM! ° °

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Violent Femmes “American Music” from Add It Up

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers “American Girl” from s/t

Elliott Smith “Independence Day” from XO

Bruce Springsteen “Darkness On The Edge Of Town” (live)
from Winterland, San Francisco 1978-12-15

Neko Case “Star Witness”
from Fox Confessor Brings The Flood

Hjaltalín “Goodbye July / Margt Ad Ugga”
from Sleepdrunk Seasons

Wilco “Ashes of American Flags”
from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

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May the 4th: Celebrate with LEGO Star Wars III Commercials and More

Today is International (er, –Galactic?) Star Wars Day. What better way to celebrate than with new-ish spots for LEGO Star Wars III? Killer work by the same peeps who did the end-card animations for our ampm Secret Menu spots, The Core LA.

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Can you believe it’s been a whole year since the since last May the 4th? Here’s a handy look back at everything you May’ve  missed (see what I did there). Geek out with the Ümlaut:

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O’Crap: Leprechaun in Tha Hood, and Other St. Patrick’s Day Goodies

Beer, Music, and Movies to fuel your green revelry …


You can watch Leprechaun 5: In the Hood on Netflix Instant. Or watch the real Leprechaun in the Hood below. [Thanks, Scott!]

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Read How To: Make a Guinness Black & Green with Apple Lambic

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Yes, it’s a Re-Redüx of last year’s O’Bligatory St. Paddy’s McMix. But to be fair, your were really drunk last year and don’t remember how rad this was. Spin it again:

Spike the dog “Shillelagh” from Tex Avery

Dropkick Murphys “Shipping Up to Boston”

Thin Lizzy “Whisky In The Jar”

Bud Light “Mr Kiss-Me-I’m-Irish Pin Wearer”

Unknown “Finnegan’s Wake”
Library of Congress, WPA CA Folk Music Project

Frank Black & Glen Hansard “The Aul’ Triangle”

Waterboys “Fisherman’s Blues”

The Pogues “On the Sunnyside of the Street”

The Thrills “Irish Gates Keep Gate-Crashin”

Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Plan B”

The Undertones “Teenage Kicks”

Stiff Little Fingers “Mr Fire Coal Man”

Mighty Mighty Bosstones “Where’d You Go”

Them (feat. Van Morrison) “Here Comes The Night”

Bing Crosby “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”

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1.1.11: The Significantly Geeky Dates of 2011

Sure, 2011 is ripe with special dates; SF Beer Week is Feb 11—20, Cowboys & Aliens opens July 29, and the whole year itself has been designated The Int’l Year of Chemistry. But what I’m most excited about are the numbers.

It’s gonna be a great year so be sure to stay on top of the Ümlaut on Facebook and Twitter.

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Here’s some significant dates, times, and binary for the year. Hit me up with any additions or suggestions. And enjoy the soundtrack.

The Odd Numbers “Little Kings and Queens” from About Time

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Bonus points for times at the eleven second mark.

dates times
JAN 1.11.11 11:1111:20


FEB 2.11.20112.20.2011 2:112:20
SEPT 9.10.11 9:107:08
OCT 10.11.11 10:1111:10
NOV* 11022011
(Palindrome Day)





*Triple Eleven Bonus:
2011 is the eleventh year of the third millennium
DEC 12.20.2011 12:20

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2011 is 11111011011 in binary. Here’s more See the rest »

Christmas MP3s: Banjo or Freakout, Best Coast, Tracy Jordan, Bishop Allen, Magnus Djurberg’s Last Christmas :: Friday Five 12.24.10

Enjoy thoroughly. [Click to hear past Friday Fives]

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Berlin Symphony Orchestra “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” (Red Baron Remix)

Bishop Allen “You’ll Never Find My Christmas”

Banjo or Freakout “Frosty The Snowman”

Best Coast x Wavves “Got Something For You”

Magnus Djurberg “Last Christmas” (8-bit)

Tracy Jordan “It’s A Jordan Christmas!” 30 Rock

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The Lagunitas Butterfly Beer Opener »

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MP3: The Top Last Christmas Covers + The Literal Version Video
Beer: Samichlaus Helles for the Holidays
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Christmas Beer: Delirium Noël
Gift: Renegade Craft Fair with Blue Ribbon Salvage

Christmas Beer: Delirium Noël

Christmas beer with an Ümlaut? It almost didn’t make it home unopened.

Delirium Noël,

or Delirium Christmas ale (depending on where you find it), smells like dark fruit, maple, and bread. Pours darker and redder than the golden Delirium Tremens I’m familiar with. Tastes more festive, too.

Let Noël warm up and find a lot going on. Rich, fruity notes like green apples and golden raisins provide a sweet but not syrupy side.  And the bready character and complex Belgian yeasts, not to mention 10% ABV, help make it a seriously satisfying winter warmer.

Cheers! Pröst! And Merry Christmas!!!

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