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Look & Listen: New Jeremy Fish Show w/ Stories from Snoop Dogg, Mike Giant, more

Stereoscopic Art Immersion

While all of Jeremy Fish’s work is steeped in storytelling, for his newest show he’s actually letting you hear the story behind the work—while you look at the work.

Opening June 21 at Joshua Liner Gallery, each piece will be accompanied by headphones playing their respective stories, straight from the storyteller’s mouths—Snoop Dogg, Mike Giant, Lance Mountain, Mars-1, the Dandy WarholsCourtney Taylor, and more.

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Look & Listen to Mike Giant’s Story (MP3)

See the piece and hear the audio below …

Not the first time Fish and Giant have been in a show together; recently both contributed to the Playboy Redux show in Chicago.

Mike Giant “asdf” from Jeremy Fish: Listen and Learn

Opens June 21st. More info at Joshua Liner Gallery »

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