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Oktoberfest Art: Jeremy Fish Beer Stein

Ah, Oktoberfest. What better time to break out—but not break—this rare Jeremy Fish beer stein (yup, I’ve got one of the only 50 in existence) made for his collaboration with Carhartt Germany.

[I’ll take any excuse to play this soundbite]

Monty Burns “Ooh, The Germans” from The Simpsons

Oktoberfest kicked off in Munich September 17th and is wrapping up soon. Here in the States, where people more seem to associate it with October itself, things are still going strong. Just last night, TAPS in Petaluma kicked off their annual celebration (yes, the turkey legs are back). Oakland‘s Oaktoberfest in the Dimond is this weekend. And Lagunitas is throwing their own version at their TapRoom on October 11th. Stay tuned for details on that. In the meantime, see more Jeremy Fish Germanic art below.

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Beer Güt Shirt

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