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Book Release Party: The Northern California Craft Beer Guide @ TAPS 7/13

Friday the 13th @ 7 pm

In traditional historian parlance:
that’s when shit got real.”

Sure, this killer quote from the book is actually referring to when the Bay Area became “beer country”, it’s even more appropriate for tomorrow’s event—the long-awaited release party for the Northern California Craft Beer Guide book by Ken Weaver and Anneliese Schmidt, happening at  Taps in Petaluma.

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy and actually read the thing. And you know what? It’s as much a guide to craft beer as it is a guide to the breweries, bottle shops, and beer-centric restaurants of Northern California. So much more than a reference guide to refer to on weekends or day-trip ventures. The book provides a learning experience for both casual fans and beer geek extraordinaires.

The listings for each brewery/restaurant gets plenty of info, including a “be sure to try” beer as part of their listing. But some have beers that are such fine representations of style (or just so damn tasty) that they get called out on their own. With backstory, tasting notes, and other bits that only add to the book’s repeat-read value.

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Tons of photos give you a good sense of the space and character inside many of the spots. While the write-ups will have you planning your next outing before you can say “road trip”.

The release party is tomorrow night at TAPS Petaluma and has enough brewers/breweries/special guests attending to fill a book. A book you can buy and probably get signed at said event. So come early. This one’s gonna be nuts.

Can’t make the party? Snag yourself a copy on Amazon right now »

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