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The Simpsons: Brought to You by the Ümlaut (and Katy Perry?)

The best part about The SimpsonsThe Fight Before Christmas” holiday special wasn’t the Treehouse of Horror -style format. Nor Katy Perry outdoing her “shocking” Sesame Street appearance through an oral sex joke with a Muppet Mo. Nope, it was how the entire episode was brought to you by the Ümlaut. (Thanks, Brookelynn!)

Mërry Christmas!

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Venture Bros: Action Figures and Season 4.5 Trailer

SERIES 1 – Peep the unboxing pics of first round Venture Bros. Mego action figures at the Venture Bros Blog. Dig the 70s stylings.

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SERIES 2 – The new figs of Dr. Girlfriend, Hank VentureDr. Orpheus, and Phantom Limb were unveiled at Comic-Con in all their glory. See the pics.

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You’ve waited long enough. At least, I have. The Venture Bros. return to Adult Swim Sunday, September 12 at 11:30p ET/PT.

We promise you old characters, new characters and maybe even dead characters. And genital formal wear!

Yes, genital formal wear. Cannot wait.

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TR2N: New Tron Legacy Comic-Con Trailer and Daft Punk Soundtrack Release Date
MP3: Friday Five 07.09.10 feat. Cults on Adult Swim Singles Club

Remix: Kanye Tweets as New Yorker Cartoons

Much like the existential effect Garfield remixes had, Kanye West tweets done as New Yorker Cartoons are bizarro improvements. The difference is Garfield cartoons are funny to begin with. Kanye tweets are like Garfield The Movie. Sorry, Bill Murray.

Thanks, MattO!

More at #kanyenewyorkertweets.

Tweet: 50 Cent in Queen’s English
MP3: Built to Spill remixed as 80s 12″ / The Electronic Anthology Project
Twitter: Lou Barlow Is Staying on Top of the Ümlaut
Garfield: Missing, Lost In Translation
Classic Toons: Tex Avery’s Car Of Tomorrow & Farm Of Tomorrow
8-Bit: Tom & Jerry Nintendo Style

InfoGraphics: Periodic Tables of Schtüff

Updated 08.15.10 The Periodic Table of Swearing
It’s from the UK so you’ll need a metric/swearing converter.

See it large. (via Kottke)

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Added 05.26.10 The Periodic Elements of a Super-Hero
See it large. (Thanks, Phridaze)

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Added 05.25.10 –> The Periodic Table of Controllers (Thanks, Fang)

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Geek out on more Periodic Tables of Schtüff collected since March of 2009 …

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