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This Sucks: Lagunitas Announces Brown Shugga’ Substitute Holiday Ale


Every year when Lagunitas throws the after-party for Petaluma Whiskerino, the timing always lines up with when they’ve just tapped the first run of Brown Shugga‘—their magically sweet, deliciously hoppy holiday brew. It signaled the end of a hairy few months and the beginning of the hearty holidays. But not this year.

Here’s why none of us will be imbibing the incredible Shugga’ this year. And why Lagunitas sucksSee the rest »

Christmas Beer: Delirium Noël

Christmas beer with an Ümlaut? It almost didn’t make it home unopened.

Delirium Noël,

or Delirium Christmas ale (depending on where you find it), smells like dark fruit, maple, and bread. Pours darker and redder than the golden Delirium Tremens I’m familiar with. Tastes more festive, too.

Let Noël warm up and find a lot going on. Rich, fruity notes like green apples and golden raisins provide a sweet but not syrupy side.  And the bready character and complex Belgian yeasts, not to mention 10% ABV, help make it a seriously satisfying winter warmer.

Cheers! Pröst! And Merry Christmas!!!

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Beer: Samichlaus Helles for the Holidays

See a larger pic of Samichlaus Helles

The original Samichlaus (black label) has been a Christmas tradition with me for the last decade. Usually drank amongst a few close friends. Always followed by festive exclamations like, “Jesus, this is strong.”

At 14% ABV, Samichlaus was in Guinness’ Book of World Records for being the world’s strongest beer. Now, with the 32% ABV likes of Tactical Nuclear Penguin, it’s been relegated to simply a really strong-ass beer. Fine by me.

So how does Helles compare? See the rest »