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Beard Spotting: Jack Passion in NYC

Look who was staying at the same hotel I spent 10 days at just the week before.

Our friend and Petaluma Whiskerino champ Jack Passion was in NYC for the premiere of his new show Whisker Wars on IFC. Small, hairy world.

Watch the trailer:  See the rest »


Horn Toot: ARCO Nickel Board Wins OBIE Outdoor Advertising Award

Congrats to our team from Ogilvy and at jumP LA on being a contender for an OBIE, advertising’s oldest award show. Out of 66 other agencies, it’s the only Ogilvy entrant to make it this year.

UPDATE: Winners were announced (see list of finalists below) and our ARCO board won Silver. Stoked.

It took over 20,000 nickels to See the rest »


Petaluma Whiskerino: ‘Beardo Optico’ Video

Why you shouldn’t mess with beard-enhancing drugs …

[on an iPhone?]

Every year gentlemen far and near seek new ways to gain an edge in the great Petaluma Whiskerino beard and moustache contest. Some even turn to beard “Fibering.” A practice frowned upon by judges for reasons of ethics and risk. Watch what happens when I dabble in this forbidden-follicled art.

Music: Dan Deacon “The Crystal Cat”

Huge thanks to Beau Bouverat at TINBIKE for filming and editing; to my wife Melissa for having a dream about this particular beard; and to Paul Francis for letting me get hairy in his bathroom.


Saturday, October 9th 2010
at the Petaluma Farmers’ Market




CamStache: The First Facial Recognition Follicle Combobulator

Like an Augmented Reality Moustache, only you don’t have to hold up a pesky AR code. CamStache magically grows a moustache on your upper lip and tracks your face as you stare in wonder. Snap a pic and share your glory with friends on Facebook and Twitter. An iPhone app version will be out soon.

Why’d we do this? All to get people in the mood for Petaluma Whiskerino & Crafterino this Saturday, October 9th. Are you growing to be there?   See the rest »